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Oros-Connect provides a choice of services, including Full Search and the  Research Summary package.

full search service

Our search service is developed upon conducting thorough candidate market research to reach the best possible selection of potential candidates based on our client's requirements. Candidate development is a combination of sourcing and identifying both organizations and people who posses the skills to fill clients requirements.

Each search is uniquely tailored through a comfortable working relationship. A clear understanding of the position requirements and responsibilities are determined at the outset along with the assurance that the cultural fit is understood. Investment in the upfront research is critical to the overall success.

Every search is a careful and thorough combination of:

Target-oriented industry research, using the the experienced knowledge of Oros-Connect which incorporates key external resources to establish the specific context in which to review the identified candidates.
Involve personally developed channels, educational and other reputable organizations, associations, career transition services contacts, etc.
Topical web-based searching of job hubs, industry related and other high quality sites using internet sweeping tools.
Utilization of our database as a reference as an adjunct to the service.
Each candidate is assessed for their skills, experience, abilities and competencies against the strategy/plan and undergoes a thorough appraisal as to their suitability before being considered for presentation.
Offer is presented/negotiated and accepted dependent on an objective reference checking completed through a reliable third party organization.
Follow-up with candidates and support through the decision making process.
This service comes with the guarantee of a hire.

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