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research summary service

The Research Summary Service offered by Oros-Connect employs the same methodology as the Full Search but it unbundles the process and gives clients a statistical-based comparison of the present market conditions to allow them to make their candidate selection by utilizing comparative data.

The service is a fixed fee product suited for a particular level. The cost is comparable to advertising and the productivity time to screen responses. It is not a guaranteed hire however we work with you early in the process to identify issues, if they arise.

Here are the Research Summary Steps…

Upon inception, Oros-Connect will devise a research strategy to identify qualified candidates incorporating our proven techniques and tools.
We will directly contact and collect data to reveal market compensations, educational levels, titles, perceptions of the position presented and general market comments. This is a purely a telephone screening process.
Resumes will be obtained from interested candidates.
All data is compiled in report format and then packaged and presented at the end of a four-week process. We expedite this timeframe by submitting interested candidates ahead of the four week deadline. This helps benchmark early and potentially gain a successful hire(s) ahead of schedule.

The bottom line….

The client is presented with a long list of potential candidates whom they feel comfortable in calling forward for an interview as well as the research knowledge of how the contacts are positioned in the market at the present time (it is a market snapshot). The fee is structured for one hire however you are not limited to one hire should multiple candidates be selected - the fee does not change.

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